We take PRIDE in our people, and in serving our guests.

Our mission is to be a thriving and respected restaurant company that creates experiences where team members want to be and guests want to go. We bring our mission to life in each RMH restaurant by coaching, leading and living from our core values of PRIDE!

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RMH Pride


We totally own our actions and are accountable for our results.


We treat others the way we want to be treated.


We do what we say we're going to do, and always do the right thing.


We continuously grown and improve our teams, ourselves, our company and our communities.


We foster a fun, energizing and engaging place to work and grow.

Bright Award Winners

The BRIGHT Award is intended to recognize those individuals who have made a contribution to a restaurant, a community or potentially all of RMH that provides long-term, positive and sustainable change. One BRIGHT Award winner is selected every quarter and the winner receives an award of $1,000!

Previous Winners

  • Bright Award Winner Renee Calcaterra
    Q4 2018 Renee Calcaterra
  • Bright Award Winner Dan Cantrell
    Q3 2018 Dan Cantrell
  • Bright Award Winner Tad Chiyo
    Q2 2018 Tad Chiyo
  • Bright Award Winner Ashley Davis
    Q1 2018 Ashley Davis
  • Bright Award Winner Nicole Walker
    Q4 2017 Nicole Walker
  • Bright Award Winner Peyton Ellis
    Q3 2017 Peyton Ellis
  • Bright Award Winner Robin Jenkins
    Q2 2017 Robin Jenkins
  • Bright Award Winner Gina Courtney
    Q1 2017 Gina Courtney
Bright Award Winner Rose Guerra Porter
Q1 2019 Bright Award Winner

Rose Guerra PorterServer at Litchfield McDowell

“Rose makes an impact on every guest and Team Member she comes in contact with. Most recently we received the below email regarding a guest’s encounter with Rose and the entire team at AB137. Our company thrives because of people like Rose, and I myself am a better person because of her.”

– Dave Roberts, Director

“You should be so proud. Rose Guerra is almost always my server. Honest to goodness she has treated me like family since the first time I walked into this place. When I had moved here, I had just lost my husband and was in a dark place. I had also lost a daughter years before that. Rose is a blessing from heaven. She's like a daughter. I retired as a nurse with 365 employees; and let me tell you that you have some terrific employees. I'll keep coming here and they're the reason why. They have changed my life and for the better. I've lost 20 lbs. I'm dating again, being involved – everyone there is just wonderful. They deserve a medal, honestly. I hope this makes their day because they always make mine. I'll be coming every day as long as the good Lord allows me.“ – Guest from Litchfield McDowell

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